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Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)

Event:  7th Annual Women Business Owners’ Expo

The Women Business Owners’ Expo, hosted by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), provided a unique opportunity for women business owners to receive invaluable information and resources to help them do business with WSSC as well as other local and state government agencies to grow their businesses.

Heading into its 7th year, WSSC contracted True to breath new energy into the Expo by developing an event program that was interesting, informative, and spoke to the unique challenges faced by women-owned businesses as well as increase the number of women-owned businesses registered in the WSSC Supplier Portal.  WSSC also aimed to increase awareness of WSSC’s commitment to Small, Local and Minority Businesses.

In order to meet the goals and objectives set for each event during the conference, the True Team worked together to execute in the following key areas:

Execution included:

  • Developing and managing event budget
  • Negotiating and managing venue and vendor contracts
  • Handling all event logistics
  • Developing program content
  • Identifying and confirming dynamic speakers and workshop presenters to participate in the event
  • Creating a strategic communications plan
  • Handling stage production
  • Managing relationships with event partners and exhibitors
  • Managing sponsor and partner deliverables
  • Developing content and overseeing design of marketing materials
  • Creating and implement event evaluation process
  • Manage event registration
  • Managing over 25 volunteers

Throughout the day, women from various industries attended empowering workshops and heard from several dynamic speakers on topics that particularly affect women.  Attendees visited numerous exhibitors and register to do business with WSSC while enjoying a complimentary breakfast and lunch.  Attendees also had several opportunities to win exciting raffle prizes.

  • 24% of attendees completed post-event survey
  • 10% of attendees registered in the WSSC Supplier Portal
  • The event yielded over 2 million media impressions
  • Event registration reached capacity a month before the event